Civil Construction

Civil Construction Including
o Indoor type substations on a LSTK
o Outdoor type substations on a LSTK basis

Pre-engineered building with complete utilities

Pre-engineered building with complete utilities such as:
o Fire protection/fire alarm systems
o Sprinkler systems
o Furnishings

Electrical substations (Indoor & Outdoor Type)

o HV, MV, LV Cable Lying and Terminations
o Substation Building complete with all utilities
o Outdoor substation yard
o Transformers Installations
o Switch-gear Installations
o Power and Control cables lying and terminations
o Power and Control Panels Installation

Lighting - Indoor and Outdoor

o Industrial Plant Illumination
o Fence Lighting
o Flood Lighting
o Security Lighting

Electro-Mechanical Construction

o Foundations
o Cable duct banks
o Cable Trays and Cable Ladders
o Structural Fabrication
o Cable Testing and Terminations
o Installation & Commissioning of MCC
o Switch Boards and Panels

Supply, Installation and Testing & Commissioning

o Generator Sets
o Emergency Power
o Battery Systems
o DC distribution panels

Fabrication, Erection, and Modification of Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel & alloy piping networks

o Water Lines
o Sewer Lines
o Fuel Lines
o Hydrocarbon Lines
o Compressed Air Lines

Maintenance and Shutdown Activities

o Piping Re-routing and Modification
o Valves replacement
o Repair and Modification of Stationary Equipment

Fabrication, Erection and Modification

o Light, Medium and Heavy Steel Structures including crane girders

Fabrication and Erection

o Ducts
o Chutes
o Hoppers
o Vessels
o Storage Tanks
o Silos

Space frames erection

o Gas Metering Skids
o Equipment Supply
o Installation
o Testing & Commissioning


o Pigging of Pipe Lines
o Industria1 Painting
o Speciality Construction and Installations