We found the nucleus of TECHNO STAR LTD in the late nineties with the name BARAKATH AL DAAR EST under C.R No 4030207627 and CCJ 152401at Jeddah (P O Box 128352, Jeddah 21362) and by the end of 2009 the establishment has been upgraded as Ltd Company

TECHNO STAR LTD is committed to general construction mainly concentrating on residential/commercial buildings/Show rooms of any nature and design which require high quality finishes.

TECHNO STAR LTD have acquired a variety of practical experience through sophistically modem facilities and the technical set up of financial and managerial systems.

TECHNO STAR LTD’s objectives are to develop a strong construction, operations and Maintenance Company, offering a varied professional service, including but not limited to building construction, finishing, internal design, renovation and maintenance.

TECHNO STAR LTD promotes to our clients the best workmanship at competitive price for the services rendered by our highly skilled and experienced technicians, top calibre manger, engineers, supervisors and other professional staff.

TECHNO STAR LTD has a multinational group of well trained managerial staff and work – force and with its efficient performance; it has created a good reputation in all most all the branches of construction within a short period.